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How do customers feel about Super Nails & Pedi Spa' nail services? - nail salon 77840


How do customers feel about Super Nails & Pedi Spa' nail services? - nail salon 77840

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Each member of the staff at Super Nails & Pedi Spa considers the emotions, reviews, and feedback of the customers very important. Let's see whether they like or dislike our nail services - nail salon 77840

Super Nails & Pedi Spa - Nail salon near me College Station TX 77840

I have been going here for pedicures for years. They do the best! The deluxe pedicure is amazing, they always take their time. And, as it should be, you can tell they always use clean tools. And I never have had to wait! Kim was my nail technician today, I definitely recommend her!"

(5/5 stars - Paige Ware)

" Wendy did an excellent job on my nails and pedicure. Very detailed and did not rush to get the job done. Very professional and treated with much respect."

(5/5 stars - monica robinson)

" This nail salon is clean. I wore a mask the entire time since it's mandatory here. They have plexiglass at nail stations. People are always cleaning. My nails look great and I'll definitely be back."

(5/5 stars - Karina Johnson)

" I have gone to Super Nails in College Station for a long time. I am consistently impressed with how up to date, clean and modern their facilities and services are. Today Don did my acrylic dip nails and they are beautiful. I couldn’t be more pleased. Every time I get my nails done here they are strong and last a long time. Also, Tham did my deluxe Sunkist pedicure, and it was excellent! This was the highlight of my visit and my week. Her massage on my legs was great and I am so thankful for her attention to detail during the whole experience. It was exceptional. I highly recommend Super Nails!"

(5/5 stars - Betsy Aldrich)

" shout out Andy and Mae for doing such an amazing job on my nails!! the salon was kept very clean and organized, the nail techs were super professional and kind! they offered me refreshments while i was waiting to get my nail design done! 10/10, will definitely come again!"

(5/5 stars -  Christina Yoon)

My favorite place, by far! Ben is my nail hero. He’s meticulous and thorough - but still quick - and always gentle. You can tell he takes pride in his work and is pickier about how things look than I am. He also never makes me feel like I’m a pain for wanting to do multiple colors on random fingers with some matte and some shiny, etc. I love the dip powder nails and they have tooons of colors to choose from. When I want my pedicure to match my nail color, Ben always helps me look and even tests colors on his own nails until we find the right one. The salon is always clean, even when they’re really busy (which is often, since everyone knows how good they are!). They also have a fair amount of other services, but they don’t push anything on you, like some places do, so that’s also a plus. Sidenote: The guy who helps with cleaning and sweeping and stuff is also awesome and has been there forever, so shout out to him for doing a great job, too."

(5/5 stars - 
B Vil)

" I have been going here for almost a year. Today, I had Ben do my dip nails and he was AMAZING. He paid close attention to detail and took his time. That left the best impression on me. Highly recommend Super Nails, and ask for Ben!"

(5/5 stars - Natalie Oates)

" Adam at Super Nails did a wonderful 'walk-in' pedicure for me today! I appreciate his friendliness and excellent skills! The manager of Super Nails was dressed very stylish, was very professional, greeted me when I walked in the door & was happy to answers my questions. I highly recommend Super Nails."

(5/5 stars - M Krenz)

" Went in for a deluxe pedicure, I am 35 weeks pregnant and the girl was amazing! As I was enjoying my pedí she kept asking if I was okay (falling asleep) . Overall great experience went this weekend for dipping powder nail and the guy did great!"

(5/5 stars - Laura Hernandez)

I think this is the best place in town. I usually go to Nail Spa but lately this place has been where I’ve been going. Andy is so sweet and so gentle, Ben is great, and Adam is the most gentle man ever!!! Every time I have been here I have not been disappointed. They are fast and quick and I really enjoy the pedicures - reasonably priced for what the packages offer!"

(5/5 stars - 
Daniella Burleson)

" I am soooo pleased with this place. No wait, they didn’t rush and I got the best manicure I’ve had in this town! Tham was great!! She did exactly what I wanted and they look perfect! Also, I got 10% off because it was my birthday!!"

(5/5 stars - Amanda Vick)

So many customers choose to believe at Super Nails & Pedi Spa, Let's come to our nail salon to own your trending nails 
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